Our Programs

To support students in facing these challenges and humanely filling the role of our next generation policy makers, environmental stewards, innovators, activists and parents Flourish continues to offer educational and extracurricular programming on a weekly basis. These programs run from October to July, and are delivered in schools and at our headquarters on 1030 Airport Way in Hailey. All of our programs are guided by a curriculum that supports the development of attention, self-care, emotional regulation, empathy and compassion, and diversity, inclusion and community building.

Students participate in practice periods where they are given the opportunity to refine their skills, share personal experiences, and discuss how to develop a more compassionate world. Through this participation students are able to embrace their differences and cherish the common ground. This is evident in the diverse community that has formed in the Compassionate Leaders with 40% of our students coming from Latin X background.

Contemplative development does not stop at 18. As our lives and responsibilities become more complex, keeping any practice becomes a challenge amid the schedule of work and family. Flourish U is resource for mindful parenting, mindfulness programs, mental health practices and outdoor activities organized around informative and supportive group discussions.

Rigorous scientific research by Neuroscientists and Geneticists have shown that the structure and function of our minds and bodies change in relationship to the quality of our lived experience.  These scientific insights parallel discoveries made by the world’s contemplative traditions that demonstrate the possibility of extraordinary human development throughout the course of our lives. The cultural myth, so prevalent in modern society, that there is little or no opportunity for us to grow as adults in positive ways, that we are “stuck,” or “hardwired” is simply not true. Profound positive change is possible at any age and there are well examined practices, both new and ancient, that aid us in this transformation.

Please read and scroll below for more details on our current program offerings. And be sure to check our calendar for upcoming events. To fulfill our mission we offer a wide variety of programs for all phases of life – from mindfulness-based childbirth and parenting to mindfulness programs for seniors.