Our Programs

Rigorous scientific research by Neuroscientists and Geneticists have shown that the structure and function of the mind and body change in relationship to the quality of our lived experience.  These scientific insights parallel discoveries made by the world’s wisdom traditions that demonstrate the possibility of extraordinary human development throughout the course of our lives. The cultural myth, so prevalent in modern society, that there is little or no opportunity for us to grow beyond our genetic inheritance, that we are “stuck” or “hardwired”, is simply not true. Profound change is possible at any age and there are well examined practices, both new and ancient, that aid us in this transformation.

To support communities in evolving through personal and global challenges and positively transforming the heart and mind, Flourish Foundation offers year around programming. These programs are delivered in schools, businesses, outdoors, internationally and at our headquarters on 1030 Airport Way in Hailey, Idaho.

Our programs incorporate ethics and values, meditation and experiential inquiry into classrooms, extracurricular activities, professional development and community enrichment.