Our Mission

Flourish Foundation is a social-profit dedicated to inspiring systemic change through cultivation of healthy habits of mind that promote personal well-being, benevolent social action, and environmental stewardship.

Given the global crisis we all face, never before has mental balance and global compassion been so necessary for our survival. If we can cultivate true inner contentment and free ourselves from the narrow confines of self-centeredness, then it may be possible to live sustainably with the personal conviction of being more rather than having more. With this shift from quantitative to qualitative growth, each one of us can peacefully and wholeheartedly contribute to preserving the conditions of life for all future generations.

To fulfill our mission Flourish Foundation offers a wide variety of programs that focus on developing heathy habits of mind across the entire span of our communal life.



We envision a collaborative world community oriented toward the development of inner resources that nurture individual, collective and environmental well-being.



Core Values

Flourish Foundation is committed to invigorating change from the inside out with the following core values:

1) Our mental life determines the way we view and engage with the world.

2) Our mental life is continuously evolving and can be intentionally cultivated.

3) To create and sustain positive changes in the world we need to cultivate healthy habits of mind.

Within this context, healthy habits of mind are defined as qualities of mind that give rise to individual well being through the attainment of mental balance and collective well being through the promotion of universal compassion.

We are proud to provide offerings for all phases of life – from mindfulness-based childbirth and parenting to mindfulness programs for seniors.