• Cultivating Emotional Balance

  • Mindful Parenting

  • Mindfulness-Based Childbirth & Parenting

  • Understanding the Art and Science of End of Life

Rigorous scientific research by Neuroscientists and Geneticists have shown that the structure and function of our minds and bodies change in relationship to the quality of our lived experience.  These scientific insights parallel discoveries made by the world’s contemplative traditions that demonstrate the possibility of extraordinary human development throughout the course of our lives. The cultural myth, so prevalent in modern society, that there is little or no opportunity for us to grow as adults in positive ways, that we are “stuck,” or “hardwired” is simply not true. Profound positive change is possible at any age and there are well examined practices, both new and ancient, that aid us in this transformation.

With a deep reverence for our capacity to thrive and flourish throughout our lives Flourish U offers an educational platform focused on life long learning opportunities designed to cultivate inner resources that nurture individual, collective and environmental well-being and invigorate our passion as adults to be relentless in our resolve for personal growth. Please contact Paige at (paige@flourishfoundation.org) for all Flourish U programming inquiries.