How We Affect Change

The work of Flourish is guided by the following principles:

1.) Our mental life and emotional state determines the way we view and engage with the world.

2.) Our mental and emotional life is continuously evolving and can be intentionally cultivated.

3.) To create and sustain positive changes in the world we need to cultivate a healthy habits of mind.

Within this context, healthy habits of mind are defined as virtuous qualities of mind that support individual and collective well being. 

How to cultivate healthy habits of mind?

If we investigate deeply into the nature of our being we will discover a treasury of virtue.  

Within this context, the term cultivation refers to creating the ground and supporting conditions from which positive qualities emerge. This paradigm helps us remember being virtuous is a natural process, and there is no need to struggle in becoming someone else. We are simply becoming aligned with who we already are.

Also, the word cultivation implies the process of working with the heart and mind is gradual and continuous, and if one is committed transformation is inevitable.

Once the process of cultivation reveals virtuous qualities in the core of our being, then we must engage in process of familiarization, which is intentionally sustaining these qualities over a longer period of time through the power of mindfulness, or recollection.  With the sustenance of familiarization virtuous qualities can persist in everyday life and we become habituated to resting in our highest potential.   

Our real journey in life is interior: it is a matter of growth, deepening and of an even greater surrender to the action of love and grace in our hearts. ~Thomas Merton




Over the past 8 years, 7,655 students and adults have benefited from Flourish Programs supporting them in Cultivating Healthy Habits of Mind – inspiring global change from the inside out.




Over the past 8 years the Compassionate Leaders have contributed over 9,161 local community service hours with  21 different organizations.




During the 2017-18 school year, Flourish educational programs reached 54 classrooms.