Put the Keys in the Ignition

10/8/19 Put the Keys in the Ignition, the world needs your generosity!  


As I sip my green drink waiting for my dad at the VA hospital, I can’t help but delight in the WIFI password at the local coffee shop, loveisthekey.  To connect this to our month of generosity I have been reflecting on what is the key that opens us to generosity.  Is it having enough to give in terms of material abundance?  For many years I aspired to make more money so that I could give it away to iconoclastic change-agents making the world a better place. 


Yet, research has shown that even if I were to fulfill the aspiration of acquiring more it may not translate into generosity.  In fact, data suggests that people with a lower socio-economic status tend to be more generous and altruistic.  


If having more is not the key to being generous, what can we rely to catalyze a spirit of generosity.  Apart from aligning with our ultimate nature, or an ineffable dimension of being, (value 11 spoiler alert), it has been shown that generosity is inspired by our social norms for giving, or the giving norms that are established by our family and friends.  In addition, it has been shown that our generosity is predicted by our world-view.  If we see ourselves living in a world of scarcity, or fall victim to a mindset of cynicism, our generosity will be less as compared to when we view the world with abundance and beauty.   


Join us in this month’s meditation and ignite a spirit of generosity by recognizing the social norms of giving in your own life and celebrating a world of beauty and abundance. 


Guided Meditation 







Paige Redman