Morocco Update IV

Salam from Morocco,

We have all arrived in Fes and are enjoying the warm (also hot) embrace of the ancient Medina. Our departure from Casablanca and Idmaj left us raw, grateful, and drained of tears. I don’t know if I’ve personally seen a more heartfelt, intense, caring, and tearful farewell when our students and the students of Idmaj said their farewells. Incredible that in such a short amount of time we were able to be apart of such an emenaly deep bond and dropped the heavy veil of our perceptions of Muslim countries. 

Thankfully all of this is continuing to be documented and when we’re home we’ll be able to share with everyone not only the stories of our incredibly deep connections, but visuals as well.

Here’s a short reflection Hennessey wrote about our past several days.

I hope everyone is well back and home!

Noah & the CLP

Today marks a week spent in Morocco for us, a crazy week that has been full of love, food, and laughter. Many of us were apprehensive about staying with families we had never met for 5 days, with parents who may or may not speak english. Those concerns evaporated after the first night in our new homes. We were welcomed with open arms, big kisses, and never ending tea. Our host parents took care of us like we were their children, not strangers living with them. The instant compassion and love our group received was inspiring to us all and something I personally will practice back home. Because of this, many people in our group began to call our host parents Mama and Baba (mother and father in Dirija), while our parents referred to us as sons and daughters.  

We not only became family with our host parents, but with all of the IDMAJ students as well, irregardless of whether they were our host brothers or sisters. The students of IDMAJ and Compassionate Leaders developed a rare, immediate bond, which facilitated our entire stay. It seemed there was laughter every second of the day and smiles were painted on our faces permanently, because of the fun and loving energy surrounding us. 

We said our incredibly tearful and emotional goodbyes last night, where there were more wet eyes than dry. An hour was spent hugging every person we had met in this leg of our journey, because every person now has a place in our hearts. It was quite hard to part ways with our new families we had formed in our stay in Casablanca. However, we are moving on to the next part of our journey in Fes, in which we arrived today. Our next few days are sure to be full of beautiful scenery, amazing people, and deep connection. 

Hennessey Star