Morocco Update III

Salam from Morocco!

Our past two days have been full to the brim. Eid, the two days following Ramadan, are holidays for Morocco. Our first day in Eid, as well as the first day in or home stay, we all spent with our host families. Visiting aunts, uncles, nephews and the like. Feast after feast. We met up all together in the late afternoon and took an hour long tram to the beach. What began as our 14 person group, has grown to 30 as our host “brothers and sisters”, “mothers and fathers” have been with us all day, from the beach to dinner and all around Casablanca. Seeing our group, and the teens of Idmaj bond so quickly and fluidly has been a highlight of my whole year. It’s remarkable to see when a container is provided, all human beings want to connect. And our two organizations have totally melded. 

From our beach excretion, to our now third very late night of feasts and family time, we’re all brimming with connection, gratitude, food, and exhaustion. Ready for bed, and our next day of seemingly endless stimulus. Casablanca has brought more than enough incredible connections and lessons for a lifetime, and we’ll continue to see where the journey takes us. 

I’ll share some updates written by the students in the next few days so you’ll have a broader perspective.

All is well in Casablanca, and we hope it’s the same for home. I’ll write again in the next few days.


(Still haven’t uploaded the fancy photos, sorry! Hopefully soon!)