Morocco Update I

Dear everyone at home,

Thus far Morocco has been treating us very well! We spent the yesterday enjoying each others company, taking a slow morning to rest after our long travel days, and beginning our film process. Casablanca has a wild juxtaposition between a big financial city, and the old Moroccan life style. From walking the large streets, to meandering through the ancient labarybthian Medina Morocco feels welcoming and foreign.

 We are in the final days of Ramadan, a 30 day fast of empathy for those who don’t have enough. Most restaurants are closed; though we’ve found our way to some amazing tajine and couscous. Our day ended with a visit to Itmej, the organization we’ll be staying / working with. We were picked up at the Tram station by a group of students from Itmej bubbling to meet their host sisters and brothers. For the next several hours we toured the campus, met the teens of Itmej, shared in the nightly Ramadan “break-fast”, and after returning to our hotel, already felt like leaving Itmej was leaving home.

It’s morning now in Morocco, and we are about to leave for Itmej to move into our host family’s for the next 5 days, all the students have met some of their families, all students their own age who speak English, and excitement is high in Casablanca this morning. :)

More updates to come as we settle into our work.

Lots of love from Morocco,
Noah & the crew